Please take a moment to view ourChildren’s policy

Our restaurant is not huge.

It sits 20 people or so comfortably, in a relaxing and intimate space, with views across the unique wilderness of Rannoch Moor, where we serve delicious food & drinks to guests that are looking to escape, relax & unwind.

We welcome well behaved children to our restaurant but don’t offer a children’s menu as such. Children up to 12 years old can eat from the evenings menu at a 50% reduction of the price and, where possible, portion size.

All of our guests have traveled a long way to reach Rannoch Station and for some it will be a once in a lifetime experience to witness the stunning scenery, wildlife and remoteness of Rannoch Moor.

To show consideration to all guests we therefore ask parents to ensure their children remain seated and well behaved (not shouting, screaming or running around the restaurant) throughout the course of their meal. Since hot food, liquids and glassware are being carried to the tables, the safety of both the waiting staff and your children is very important to us.

On the very rare occasion when the enjoyment of our other guests is being compromised we will have to get involved, which can be awkward for all concerned. We would much prefer not to!

Many of our younger guests love their experience with us, are excited about the surrounding environment and the chance to try Steph’s delicious cooking, however the existence of our Children’s Policy is borne out of the reality of experience.